Weekly Shout Out- Signupgenius.com

I actually posted this on my teaching blog last week, but I’ve played with it so much this past week that I thought I’d share it here, too!

I was passed this little gem today as the school I’m in is gearing up for parent conferences. It’s usually a hassle, some added clerical work organizing times and people, then putting the samples and information together to get the most out of the conference. Basically, you’re taking your 30 minute break and putting on your secretary hat. It’s either that or you’re there until 5 after school doing it.

This site is going to change that for those of you in schools where parents have smart phones and internet access at home. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce: SignUpGenius.com.

This little .com will let you set up a signup for anything, even organizing volunteers or pot luck suppers!! You plug in the times and dates, set up how many slots you want for each one, then send out the link! Parents pick the one that fits their schedule and sign up online! It’s like having your own secretary taking messages and setting up your schedule for you! If it brought me hot tea, it would be perfect!!

Or, in the case of needing supplies or food, you just plug in what you want people to bring and send out the link! Folks sign up for what they want to cook and BOOM! Pot luck dinner success!


There are a million uses for this fabulous site! Sign up today and give it a try!


Weekly Shout Out- One Year in the Life Art Journal


So, I’m sure you’ve noticed that I like collecting Art Journal ideas. I have a whole category dedicated to it over there *points to the right* and a whole board dedicated to it on Pinterest. I don’t get to actually do much with mine at home, but I’m working on it at school with my class.

I gather my ideas from a lot of different places, but this one is another of my favorites. There’s not a post for every day, but when there is a post, it’s totally worth the wait! Besides, it makes me feel like I can tackle it, too! 🙂

Now, for those of you reading this that don’t know me, let me first say that I draw stick people. I am NOT an artist. I usually pick colors I think will work and it turns out HORRIBLE when I’m finished with it. That goes for my clothes, too, while we’re on the subject. The difference is that I don’t let it stop me. I’ll pick up those crayons or markers again. If I really hated the pages I put in my journal, I try them again. I am addicted to doodle books because they help me focus on little things at a time. I’ve also come to have some fun with stick people. I showed my class my stick ninja the first week of school and I’m here to tell you he’s become the icon of our class. LOL

So, go pick up a pencil and a spiral notebook and doodle something. You just might surprise yourself and it’s amazing how good it is for your stress level, too! 🙂

Weekly Shout Out: Digital Scrapbook Experts

I am an avid scrapper. I love putting my memories onto paper and seeing how the things I love interact with other things in my scrapbook. As I added children and more work to my daily grind, though, I have less time to get out my shaped hole punches and stickers. So, I found another option: digital scrapbooking. I actually bought my mother a program to do this on her computer a few years ago, but found myself being curious about it.

Then I found digital scrapbook experts. Not only do they have adorable kits that you can buy, but you can sign up for a daily e-mail where they mail you a piece of one of their kits every day! You collect them all and you’ve got a whole kit… FREE!!! What do they call it? Collect-A-Kit, of course! Seriously awesome!

So, stop in and get addicted today. 🙂 You’ll spend a few hours playing “I can download that!” Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 😉

Monday Shout Out: makeandtakes.com

As a crafter, I love crafty things (duh, right?). As a mother, I love things that keep my kids busy. When the two come together, it’s just magic to me!

Enter a new find: makeandtakes.com! This little blog has lots of different craft activities, from Wordle to coloring pages, and then turns around and once a month talks about books that her kids love! She even has a Youtube channel dedicated to sharing her weblogs, complete with cute kids!



Throw in recipe sharing and adult crafts and this just screams “hang out here and click stuff for a while.” Go on, see if you get sucked in, too!

Monday Shout Out – Cozi.com

I found this little gem through flylady.net and I didn’t think it would be so darned helpful. I’m a calendar lover, so I had a lot of fun setting it up. Of course, being able to do everything this little site/app/awesome resource can do is AMAZING!

First, you go to the site (you can do this through the app, which is available in the App Store AND GooglePlay for Android, the web, or a web browers on your tablet) and set up your account. From there, you can import calendars from a ton of places. If you school system publishes a compatible calendar (you’d be surprised which ones do!), it will download into your Cozi calendar and save you all that date entering! If you have a Google calendar, just link it to your address and BOOM! imported! It even color codes these calendars so you know where the information came from! IF you’re like me and use the calendar connect feature on your Android to keep up with quick-hitting dates and times (I have this sync’d with a google account so it loads the dates onto my google calendar), it will automatically import those dates through your connected account! The thing that makes this even more awesome? You can set up users on your account so you can connect a FAMILY CALENDAR with all the users connected to it! Dad has a hair cut scheduled on Wednesday, he adds it to his google calendar and BAM! Loaded on the Cozi calendar! Mom knows he’s got an appointment on Wednesday and adjusts freak-out times or dinner times accordingly. PTA meeting on Thursday? If it’s on the SCHOOL calendar that’s imported into Cozi, BAM! Loaded in your Cozi calendar and everyone knows about the meeting!

Just in case you’re not big on connecting calendars, this program will also keep MULTIPLE to do lists updated for you, MULTIPLE shopping lists updated for you, and give you “Journal” space where you can add videos and pictures to your account to remember things that have happened!  You read that right, folks, you can add a task to your Honey Do list, then take a picture of Mr. Man working on it and upload it into your journal with a cute “I love my handy man!” story! I haven’t used this feature very much, so I’m not sure about social media sharing, but I really hope that’s where they’re going here. It’s really an awesome program and since it’s FREE (did you not hear that? FREE, I SAID!) it’s totally worth every second you spend playing with it!

Go on and get yours today! 

Weekly Shout out

This week, I wanted to share something that I think is really pretty cool. I’m sure you know about it by now, but just in case you don’t, let me tell you about Swagbucks. This really neat website gives you points for doing things like… searching for something online or playing a game. It gives you points for taking a daily poll or, heck, sometimes just for having the right code!

Now, you’re going to ask: why do I care about points?

Well, a few couponing sources have mentioned this little benefit: you use the points to buy stuff. You guessed it, peeps! You get points for not spending any money (and if you do spend money, you can get points that way, too!) and you apply those points towards getting really cool things… like gift cards to Barnes & Noble or Amazon! You can give them away as gifts at Christmas and SAVE MONEY ON PRESENTS (because you didn’t actually BUY the gift card, you earned it!)! Or, you can horde them and reward yourself for being awesome! Either way, it’s totally a win-win!

Next,  you’re going to ask: Tiff, how do I get these points you keep yacking on about?

Well, Nelson, the answer is simple! You use their search engine and if the machine chooses your search, it gives you points (just put in the code to make sure you’re not a bot in disguise!). If you play games on their site, it gives you points. If you answer a daily poll, there’s another point. If you print their coupons and use them while shopping, there’s more (10 points per redeemed coupon!). If you take part in any surveys, there’s some more. If you don’t mind taking them up on some of their special offers, there’s more!

Then, there’s the fun part. They hide codes every day. Sometimes it’s on Facebook. Others, it’s on Twitter. Sometimes it’s in their blog and sometimes, it’s right there on their homepage! All you have to do is find the code (or pay attention to people like Jason at FreebieShark who’s pretty good at posting when there’s a code out there… though he won’t tell you what that code IS…) and put it into the little SwagCode box at the top right corner of their homepage when you login.

There’s even a toolbar you can download on your computer and an app on your phone so you can earn even MORE points by searching!

I am not a dedicated searcher (though I call myself an idiot for not being one…), and I already have almost 600 points! That’s just since about April! With a little more work, there’s no reason why you can’t save yourself a boat load of money every year, just earning points for cool stuff at Swagbucks!

Oh, and I linked my referral page here at all the links because you can earn points that way, too. You earn the same points as anyone you refer does and it doesn’t cost them a single point! So, sign up today using my referral link, then refer some more of your friends! Even if they only get 500 points a year, that’s 500 extra in your account! whoo-hooo!!! Just make sure you tell ’em I sent ya… ok? (*points to the links*)

Monday Shout Out- August 6: FreebieShark.com

This is a bit of a no brainer, I think. Jason, over at one of my favorite freebie sites: Freebieshark.com seems to spend his entire day scouring the internet for free stuff. Thanks to him, I’ve scored a ton of free stuff in my mailbox, from Bic permanent markers to product samples from Always, Glade, and a dozen more. Not to mention all of the free magazines currently coming to my house because they were posted on his blog and I said “wow, free, huh?” to myself as I started clicking! Throw in that he keeps you posted when it’s time to order coupon books from P&G and Publix’s Stock up and Save and I can’t see where this blog is the least bit of a waste of time!

Even better, you can sign up for e-mail updates and the blog entries will go right to your inbox!

Even EVEN better, you can find him on facebook and the blog entries will load in your newsfeed (this is how I prefer it!).

Don’t believe me? Give it a week and see if your opinion changes! 😉



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