Things I’ve Learned… part 2

Alright, so yesterday, we started gathering people we come into contact with. Today’s goal: begin organizing them into groups that make up the pieces of your life.

For example, my husband, children, and parents are in one group. My boss is in another group. My coworkers are in another group. Yes, I separated my boss from my coworkers, because I care a little more about what she thinks about my ability to do my job than my coworkers’ opinions about that. While I do want to make them feel I’m competent, at the end of the day, if the boss is happy, the rest doesn’t really matter. I keep the others happy simply because they might be the boss one day. So, their opinions go into different groups.  For example, if my skirt is too short and my coworker tells me so, I’ll file that away and think about it the next time I pull that skirt out of the closet to wear to work. If my boss says it’s too short, then it won’t come out of the closet to go to work again. See the difference?


So, today I want you to think about the level of importance YOU place on the people in your list and organize them based on what opinions of theirs actually SHOULD matter to you. Think about the pieces of your day and assign each group of people a little “input” into the areas you believe they should have input in.


Things I’ve learned…

I realized something this week that I thought was rather profound and yet, should’ve been common sense. It came in the form of stopping myself from doing something that my brain was screaming needed to be done. You see, I caught myself making excuses for something to someone I was only going to see once in my life. It hit me, then. They probably didn’t care about my excuses; didn’t need them and didn’t want them. A simple yes or no would’ve been just fine. They didn’t need the details.

This is the profound part that probably should’ve hit me a long time ago when I ran across a popular quote from Eleanor Roosevelt:

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”


I realized she was right. I also realized that there was more to it than that. You see, the only opinions we should be caring about are the ones that come from the People we care about. If you think about it, that’s a pretty small list for most of us. I read an article about how Fox News spent twenty minutes going on and on talking about Adele and Kelly Clarkson’s weight and I thought about how Adele said she really doesn’t care about anyone’s opinion of her weight. I applaud that! It hit me there a bit. She doesn’t care about anyone else’s opinion because, when it comes right down to it, their opinion about her weight really doesn’t matter. Their opinion about her ability to sing does. She’s manged to departmentalize the criticism and I am envious of that!


So, the theme of this week here in Motherhood2 land is figuring out whose opinions matter about what and thinning the list of drama-inducing situations WAY down.


Today’s goal: Finding out whose opinions matter to you.

-Create a list of people you come into contact with every day and organize them based on their relevance to your daily life and how you feel about those people. Close family (parents, spouses, siblings) might count rather high here, whereas coworkers may not.

-Keep a journal for a week about the people you come into contact with each day and what effect they have on your day. What kind of impression do they make on you? Ask yourself whether this person is someone whose opinion matters to you, or if you’re just being “polite” by giving them excuses. Clear them up in your head and decide how much influence you’d allow that person to have on your day.


For my journal this week, I’m going to use a star method, where 5 star people are the ones whose opinions about everything matter to me and zero stars are the ones that I couldn’t care less what they think of me (generally, that last list will be very small).


Tomorrow, we’re going to talk about departmentalizing these people into groups, so you can start letting their opinions matter about the right things, instead of everything!

Daily Art Journal prompt- April 19

Prompt:  Pick a quote and design an art journal page around it.

(This one came from blacksburgbelle again!)



So… what is your favorite quote?

Pinterest Project #1

So, I am going to blog a bit about my Pinterest projects so anyone who thinks this stuff is hard… bah! Easy peasy and fun to boot!

So, I’m going to start with my first real Pinterest Project: Baby leg warmers! I saw these posted here and thought they were so darned cute!

I went to the Dollar General while my husband was wandering around a Hobby Shop in Lawrenceville last month and they had the CUTEST Sesame Street knee socks for adults. While I wouldn’t be that excited for myself, I couldn’t help but get excited about them for Tadpole!

The Socks

This is so EASY and quick to do!

First, you cut off the foot part of the sock. I started just a little above the curve of the heel to get a flat bottom.

Then you turn the raw edge under and stitch a hem! I did this by hand because I didn’t care whether the stitches were straight or perfect, as long as they didn’t rub Tadpole’s ankle and stayed put! It took me about 10 minutes to stitch both hems by hand and, like the author of the linked blog says, it would’ve been even faster with my sewing machine handy!

And… that’s it! Put ’em on your baby and grin because they’re cute, cheap, fast and you made them!

Are you grinning? I am. 😉

Pinterest is addictive…

And I’m completely suckered in. It started with, “oh, that’s cute!” and now Tadpole is wearing a pair of Cookie Monster leg warmers! I fear what will happen over the summer when I’m not working! More time, cheap projects… DANGEROUS!

To toss cookies or not to toss cookies? That is the question.

Today was a rough one for a lot of reasons. I went to bed early last night because I was exhausted. I woke up this morning, having almost slept all night, and wasn’t any more rested than I was when I laid down. *sighs* Then I had a PLC (Professional Learning Community Meeting, for those not in education. This is what used to be grade level meetings, but, like secretaries, they needed a new name) that made my blood pressure go up this afternoon. I won’t go into details, but let’s just say it annoyed the #$(%#&$@)#(& out of me. As if giving up the only break I have all day wasn’t fun enough, people who know less about things than I do are “in charge.” *rolls her eyes*

Then I ran out of the building at 3:35, praying I’d make it to another school for another PLC meeting (because I’m a masochist??). This one was actually useful, however, and probably saved my night from being an insane mess of frustration and annoyance. I got lots of stuff for teaching chemical and physical changes with my class, which is good, since I almost none. I had to dash out of there at 5:30 to run a street over and get Peanut, though, so it wasn’t as wonderful as it could’ve been. It was also during this meeting that my clutziness showed itself to other people and I actually got to say “sorry, ya’ll, I’m pregnant and the clutzies have set in early this time!” I dropped a whole stack of papers in the floor. They just slipped right out of my hands!

See? That’s something they don’t tell you before it’s too late. Pregnant= clumsy, butterfingers, forgetful, gassy… I was all of those things the first time, when I was pregnant with Peanut. However, it wasn’t this early. My belly was poking out before the forgetfulness started and it was WAY out before I dropped Mitch’s food bowl and shattered it on the kitchen floor. And before you start telling me that it’s all in my head, it’s not. I was talking to the person I was handing the papers to, for heaven’s sake. It’s not like I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing or I was thinking about babies or whatever.

*sighs* My back is aching, too and my pants didn’t want to fit this morning. I’m only *checks her tickers* 6 weeks into this. There are still 34 more to go! Some of these symptoms have my permission to wait a bit! I’m not in any hurry!

On the upside, my husband said tonight that he didn’t see any reason why we couldn’t tell everyone, since everything seems to be pretty normal this time. I agree, and I’ve actually told a few folks at work already, so they’d cover my class when they saw me running down the hallway. LOL Once I tell my parents, I suppose I can start posting this to facebook or something. I guess we’ll see. *shrugs*

Until then, my little parasite is the size of a sweet pea now, according to the ticker in the first post here. Not calling him/her that, though, since that’s what I called the one I lost. I’ll find something, don’t worry. 🙂

Happy New Year!

So much going on this year, already! I hosted New Year’s Eve Fondue for the inlaws last night and I’m pretty darned pleased to say it went pretty smoothly! Everyone loved the stuff we laid out to cook and the “oil” tasted perfect! (I found a recipe for the Melting Pot’s coq au von cooking style online… YUM!)

The problem with it is that I was on my feet from about 10 AM until about 11 PM last night, with very little down time. It started hitting me about 7:30 or so last night. Naturally right at the dinner table where my mother in law could see. Naturally, she asked if I was “PG.” I just shrugged my shoulders and moved the conversation elsewhere. So, successfully avoided blabbing! Go me!

Now, I am planning on spending the entire weekend with my parents next weekend. *sighs* I can pull it off for a few hours, but days? Ah, Light preserve me! I make no promises about keeping my mouth shut that long.

Either way, we’re starting 2011 off with a shelf building weekend in the garage, followed by a memorial service and delayed Christmas next weekend with my parents. My mother called yesterday to tell me that my great-uncle Doc passed away, too. This is seriously NOT a great way to start a new year. Two funerals inside of a week. Bad ju-ju.

On the upside, I love my preggie pops, as they’ve kept me from throwing up today. I’m relatively certain that’s all that’s kept me from it. *sighs*

And if this post feels disorganized and disjointed, it’s because it is. One of the perks of being pregnant is that your ability to keep track of your thoughts is nigh on impossible. Another is that you become a serious clutz, just in case you weren’t one already (which I am). That roughly translates to mean you’re a forgetful clutz for 9 months. Last time I broke Mitch’s (my cat) food bowl because it slipped out of my hand and burned my arm on a toaster oven. *laughs* I shudder to think what I’ll do to myself this time! I should probably pad myself in Charmin like that commercial from the 80’s, just to make sure I don’t do any serious damage. Wish me luck??

Either way, I hope you’re having a good New Year so far. May it be 10,000 times better than 2010! Quite frankly, 2010 sucked pretty badly, so it doesn’t have much work to do to get better. Again, with two funerals starting it off… it’s just not getting off on the right foot! The baby is a step in the right direction, though. 😉

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