About Tiff

I am a 33 year old teacher in Savannah, Georgia. I have two beautiful daughters, Peanut & Tadpole. Peanut just turned four and Tadpole is a newborn My other baby is a ten year old cat named Mitch.

My first pregnancy was problem free and has given me one of the greatest gifts in the world; my Peanut. She’s healthy, happy, outgoing, smart, playful and funny. Once people meet her, they are in love. They just can’t help themselves.

My second pregnancy, however, was a problem from the beginning. I was spotting brown blood a week before the test was positive. I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks, though I guess it wasn’t far enough along to create any serious medical issues.

My third pregnancy has delivered another of the world’s greatest gifts, my Tadpole. Her pregnancy was smooth and easy until the last month, when the discomfort grew rough. Tadpole was born three weeks early due to some complications due to my blood pressure. She was born healthy with no complications, which was quite a blessing!

So, I started this, a little corner of the wordpress world dedicated to the joys of motherhood and all the frightening, wonderful, exciting, challenging, and irritating things that go with it so I can try to help others who are also going through motherhood in this crazy time. Together, we can do the things we want and make the most of what we have.


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