Things I’m still learning… (part 3)

And now, on Day three… the hard part. You’ve collected people. You’ve put them in groups. Now, ACT on those groups.


For the coworker who is generally a negative person and should have minimal control over the way you do your job… STOP MAKING EXCUSES TO THEM about why you do or can’t do something.


For the boss who butts into your home life— STOP TELLING THEM ABOUT IT!


For the husband who has to put up with you in a bad mood when you get home- TELL HIM EVERYTHING! Or, at least, everything he’ll listen to.



Now, a few pieces of life advice:

1- Don’t raise your voice. I mean it. Stop yelling. People stop listening when you start yelling, so you’re not really doing anyone any good.

2- For everything negative thing in your day, find a positive one. Sometimes these are much smaller than the impression you get from the negative ones, but never write a negative without a positive next to it.

3- Don’t take things out on people who aren’t responsible for the problem. It’s not your husband’s fault your coworker picked a fight with you at work, so stop arguing with him about it. Tell him, sure. Vent if he’ll let you. Just keep in mind that he has no control over it, so the best thing he’s going to be able to do is listen and commiserate. Oh, and pour you a glass of wine and massage your feet. Let me know if that last part happens for you, because it really doesn’t for me. 😉

4- Let it go. That’s right. That accident that made you ten minutes late to work this morning? Let it go. It’s out of your control and there’s nothing you can do about it.  (we’ll work through this one next. I know it’s not easy.)

5- Start your day with the goal of being happy at the end of it. All day long, work towards that goal and stop letting people who shouldn’t control that have any effect on it. It’s one of those things that sounds so simple and you have to truly think about it every time you feel yourself getting angry, but I promise, once you get into this habit, it’ll be yours for life!


So, there you go! I hope this plan has helped you and I want to hear how you’re working through it! This is the plan I’m working on following this week, since Heaven knows I’m not all that great at it, yet. Feel free to share your progress! Sometimes writing about it helps! That’s just about the whole purpose of this blog, after all! 😉


Got something to add? Go for it! Leave a comment here!

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