Things I’ve Learned… part 2

Alright, so yesterday, we started gathering people we come into contact with. Today’s goal: begin organizing them into groups that make up the pieces of your life.

For example, my husband, children, and parents are in one group. My boss is in another group. My coworkers are in another group. Yes, I separated my boss from my coworkers, because I care a little more about what she thinks about my ability to do my job than my coworkers’ opinions about that. While I do want to make them feel I’m competent, at the end of the day, if the boss is happy, the rest doesn’t really matter. I keep the others happy simply because they might be the boss one day. So, their opinions go into different groups.  For example, if my skirt is too short and my coworker tells me so, I’ll file that away and think about it the next time I pull that skirt out of the closet to wear to work. If my boss says it’s too short, then it won’t come out of the closet to go to work again. See the difference?


So, today I want you to think about the level of importance YOU place on the people in your list and organize them based on what opinions of theirs actually SHOULD matter to you. Think about the pieces of your day and assign each group of people a little “input” into the areas you believe they should have input in.


Got something to add? Go for it! Leave a comment here!

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