As a mother…

I have to say that I approach bullying from many different angles. As a teacher, it’s my job to help educate the kids in my class so that they understand how much their words hurt, how deep those scars can run. As a girl who was bullied for most of her life and still gets bullied by people who should be old enough to be beyond that, I know exactly how much it hurts. I know how hard you try to shake it off, blow it off and not let it get to you and how sometimes you just can’t let it go. As a mother, I watch my girls and pray they never know what that feels like. It’s inevitable and I know that. I want to protect them, but I can’t be there every minute.

I saw this on Facebook today and it was worth sharing. Not only with my other Facebook friends, but with everyone who reads this blog.

Let me say this, because it needs to be said.

Everyone is someone’s baby. Everyone is worth something to someone. Every life is worth protecting and every minute of that life should be spent being comfortable with yourself. If you’re not comfortable, do what you have to do to get comfortable. If you are comfortable in your own skin, then no one has the right to take that away from you.

The idiot who wrote the e-mail to this news anchor forgot one, very big, thing. It is the people who don’t fit the perfect little mold of society that makes this country the beautiful thing that it is. It’s the fat people and the skinny people. It’s the ugly people and the beautiful people. It’s the jocks and the marching band. It’s the tall kids and the short kids.  It’s the kids who are good at math and those that are good at art. It’s the drama queens and the ice princes. It’s the sun and the moon. To insult one is to insult them all. To consider someone somehow less than what you perceive they should be based on the life you believe to be perfect is to detract from the perfection you think you enjoy. It’s not our civic duty, those of us in the public spotlight… the news anchors, the teachers, the cops, the EMT, the nurses, the dentists, the doctors, the stewardesses, the store managers, the waitresses, the cashiers… it’s not our civic duty to represent what you believe a perfect life should be. It’s not our community responsibility to be skinny and beautiful.

It’s our community responsibility to be positive roll models. It’s our community responsibility to ensure that the next generation knows they’re worth every minute someone invests in them. And it’s our community responsibility to understand that every minute we spend with them is a minute we’re investing in the future of our world.

October is anti-bullying month. I challenge you, all of you, to hold your hand out to that kid who is getting picked on. I challenge you to show them they’re worth so much more than they can even imagine. Teach them it’s not ok. Teach them to stand up. Teach them to know they’re worth (and know that there is no number high enough to represent that worth to you). Teach them to love. Then hold on tight, because the light is going to shine and it’s going to blind you. That, my friends, is how you protect the future.

And it’ll be worth every second.

Stop the bullying before it starts.


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  1. Renae Rue
    Oct 04, 2012 @ 22:11:57

    Amen Tiff! Well said.


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