Weekly Shout Out- One Year in the Life Art Journal


So, I’m sure you’ve noticed that I like collecting Art Journal ideas. I have a whole category dedicated to it over there *points to the right* and a whole board dedicated to it on Pinterest. I don’t get to actually do much with mine at home, but I’m working on it at school with my class.

I gather my ideas from a lot of different places, but this one is another of my favorites. There’s not a post for every day, but when there is a post, it’s totally worth the wait! Besides, it makes me feel like I can tackle it, too! 🙂

Now, for those of you reading this that don’t know me, let me first say that I draw stick people. I am NOT an artist. I usually pick colors I think will work and it turns out HORRIBLE when I’m finished with it. That goes for my clothes, too, while we’re on the subject. The difference is that I don’t let it stop me. I’ll pick up those crayons or markers again. If I really hated the pages I put in my journal, I try them again. I am addicted to doodle books because they help me focus on little things at a time. I’ve also come to have some fun with stick people. I showed my class my stick ninja the first week of school and I’m here to tell you he’s become the icon of our class. LOL

So, go pick up a pencil and a spiral notebook and doodle something. You just might surprise yourself and it’s amazing how good it is for your stress level, too! 🙂


Got something to add? Go for it! Leave a comment here!

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