My new love…

I got this text message from Target the other day and, this morning, I got a minute to look at it. It was a link to an app you can load on your phone called ShopKick. The text message said “get a free $2 gift card for signing up using this link!” which was good enough for me! I could always delete it if it was horrible, right?

Well, I can tell you that won’t be happening. Shopkick is an app designed to reward you for window shopping. YOU HEARD ME RIGHT… Window shopping! It’s pretty simple! You load this app on your phone and take it with you when you go shopping. When you walk into any store listed on your app (and there are tons! Not just local ones, either!), just open the app and BAM! You get points! If you scan items in their bonus list, BAM! You get more! When you earn enough points, you can trade them in for gift cards! In some places (*coughcoughBestBuycoughcough*) you actually get rewards for using your Best Buy Rewards card to make a purchase! That’s right! You get points for buying the stuff you bought, you get Rewards points to trade in for merchandise credit from the store AND you get “kicks” from ShopKick which you can then turn into a gift card for said store.

I love saving money, but THIS, my friends… THIS takes that to a whole other level!

So, stop in here (which is my link. I get points when you join using my link!)  and sign up today! It’s totally worth the download! 🙂


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