Ever do a search for symptoms on WebMD?

So, just for kicks (because I knew it was going to try to scare me to death), I wandered over to WebMD to see what direction their little symptom checker would point me in for the dizziness, light-headedness and migraines I’ve been having over the last 18 months. Before you ask, yes, I just had a baby last year. That was 13 months ago. Hormones shouldn’t be an issue now. In the last 18 months, I have had an ENG, two MRI’s, an EEG, and a sleep study. As far as I know, everything came back normal. I have a “beautiful brain.”

So, for fun, ran the symptoms through WebMD. Check out this list of goodies:

Possible Conditions:

Brain Aneurysm— would’ve shown up on one of the MRI’s, right?

Labrynthitis- (inner ear infection)- Umm… not for the last 18 months and the ENG was clean.

Meniere’s Disease- more inner ear stuff. Still no.

Medication Reaction/Side Effect- I wasn’t taking anything when it started and have only started taking something in the last two months.

Fainting- um, no. I’ve come closer to it in the last 5 months than I think I ever have, though.

Generalized Anxiety disorder- blood pressure is normal. No other symptoms.

Heart rhythm disorder- not a single doctor has said a word about my ticker sounding off.

Middle Ear Infection- again, no.

Hyperventilation- Again… for 18 months?

Fibromyalgia- I don’t really have any consistent pain, or any pain that would correlate with this.

Acoustic Neuroma- this is a growth on a nerve that connects the ear to the brain. I’m thinking this would’ve shown up on an MRI…


The rest of the list ranges from Acute Kidney Failure to Anemia, Brain Tumors, and Toxic Shock Syndrome.


Sometimes those lists are so fantastic, it’s hard to take them too seriously. Luckily, most of it would’ve shown up on an MRI and both of those came back clean. Even the EEG was normal! Brain is acting just fine!

Ah, well. Another appointment with a Neurologist (or, at least his nurse practitioner) on Thursday next week should help clear the air a bit. A girl can dream, right?



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