Location Review: Jimmy John’s on Abercorn

This weekend was a very busy one here in motherhood-land! My daughter’s 5th birthday meant a party (review coming this week!) and family in town. One member, my sister, was very excited to see that the Southside had a Jimmy John’s. She was nearly giddy with excitement, so we decided to give it a shot (since we were curious, anyway) and stopped in on Saturday around lunchtime.

Now, something to keep in mind while reading this is that this location is BRAND NEW and hasn’t even been open a month, yet. With that in mind…

As we walked in, I admit I was lovin’ the decor and the music! Led Zepplin, Motley Crue, Red Hot Chilli Peppers… I could just sit and listen to the tunes all day! Made my fingers itch for my older CD’s (and yes, tapes!). The color scheme is all steel and red, grays and whites. The booths are dark wood benches with no cushions. The store is in a shopping center, so the restaurant feels very “shotgun” in that the seating runs the length of the store along the outside wall, with an extra booth in the front. Overall, even though it didn’t look comfortable, it wasn’t too bad.

As for the menu, it has a standard set of sandwiches (which you can find here) that aren’t overly surprising. They have a collection of club sandwiches which is nice to see, but no hot sandwiches. They’ll even do a “slim” version of their sandwiches, which is just the meat and the bread. They have their own house bags of chips in about 4 varieties (plain, BBQ, salt & vinegar and “low fat”).  The sandwich was not bad, either. It was only $4.59 for an 8″ sandwich and it tasted like a $4.59 sandwich. Since Subway will give me a footlong meatball on much better bread, I wasn’t horribly impressed. I’m also not terribly impressed with the condiments they can or cannot add to a sandwich based on the menu. They couldn’t add mayo to my father’s slim sandwich, but they could give him a packet of mayo for him to put on it, himself. Umm, huh?

Now, as a mother, the locations I can visit are severely limited by 1) what my kids will eat and 2) availability of kid-friendly things (ie, high chairs and changing tables in the bathrooms). The latter won’t keep me from going to a restaurant, so don’t take that as something horribly negative. However, with a 1 year old who needs a high chair and had to be held by either my husband or I while the other choked down a sandwich, I can tell you that it was a bit of a pain. I’ll cut them some slack, being a new place, though. I should hope this is something that gets changed pretty quickly in the future.

My last issue with this place was a staff issue. There were two cash registers, one manned by a young lady, the other by a slightly older than her gentleman. The young lady looked bored most of the time we were in there. Her expression never changed and neither did her posture. When asked if they had high chairs, she just looked at us flatly and said, “no.” She said, “welcome to Jimmy John’s,” when the door opened, but there didn’t seem to be any “I’m happy you’re here” to it. It felt like she was told she had to say it, so she did. There were four people on the sandwich building line, who made seemed more interested in talking to each other than anyone else. The sandwiches were made, and accurately, so I can’t complain overmuch about that. My complaint is mostly that we felt we were inconveniencing the staff, rather than bringing business to their store. Only the other gentleman at the register seemed at all happy to be there. To the outside observer, it seemed as if most of the staff was new and he was the only experienced one of the bunch. Maybe it was just that he seemed comfortable and interacted with the customers where the others did not.  Also, I watched the delivery man take sandwiches out to his car for delivery. The motto of Jimmy John’s is “So fast it’s freaky.” There was nothing fast about his speed in getting his delivery out.

Overall, it wasn’t a horrible experience. I’ll probably give them another shot in a few months. It just won’t be when I have my kids with me and it won’t be with high expectations of great service.


On a side note, the quotes on the wall are hilarious! They have a pinterest board here, with a whole board dedicated to “Sign Language.” Check ’em out! These and the music were the best parts of our trip!


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    As a Newbie, I am constantly browsing online for articles that can help me. Thank you


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