Product Review: Always Infinity Pads

Yeah, this is probably a bit TMI for some of my followers, so I’ll do my best to hide the sensitive stuff.  However, I’m a firm believer that when something blows your mind with how well it works, you should tell people about it.

Enter the Always Infinity Pad. According to their little blurb and commercials, 

the Infinity pad is made with a substance called Infinicel™ which allows it to weigh less, be less bulky and still absorb 55% more liquids than “other leading brands.”

Color me skeptical. Then I got a coupon from the paper that made the price just insane to pass up. I had one of those “What the heck?” moments, where I try something when it’s less than $1 to purchase it and I happen to need something along those lines.

This is where I start hiding stuff because it’s a little gross and a whole lot personal. It’s kind of important to know where I’m coming from with a product like this one, though. Highlight the following for the gory details…

You see, I have very heavy periods. The first few days, I go through a normal pad in a matter of two or three hours. If I don’t change it, quickly, then I have to change my clothes. Since I’m a teacher, standing around a bunch of nine year olds, you can imagine how much I dread my monthly visitor! Worse, being a teacher, I don’t get regular restroom breaks. If something comes up, and it often does, the one break I get during the day evaporates without me being able to squeak out a restroom break! During this icky time of the month, that makes the pad I’m wearing even more important! 

Which brings me back to this particular pad. Given its size, I was ever skeptical.  I mean, look at how thin this thing is?

Then I tried it.

Just WOW! I nearly forgot about it a time or two! During a particularly rough day, I didn’t get a restroom break until after 4 (that’s right at 8 hours, for those keeping score) and the pad had contained every bit of what was discharged! This was a huge relief for me, since I then had to sit through a faculty meeting for another hour (luckily, I changed during my quick restroom break before the meeting). At no point during the day did I think, “Oh, no! I’m going to have to go home during lunch! ” or “Oh, I hope it’s not leaking!” I was able to focus on watching my students, instead!

As a teacher, I appreciate the ability to focus on what really matters.

As a woman, I appreciate not having to focus on this part of my life all day.

As a consumer, I would totally recommend this to anyone and everyone who is willing to take my word for it and try it out! Don’t believe me? Give it a shot for free here!! 


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