The best yogurt in Savannah: Lovin’ Spoons!


When my husband sent me a text message from Pooler saying, “You’d love to be where I am right now,” I didn’t believe him. I mean, I’d rather be on a beach and reading a book, but I doubted that’s where he was. Instead, he decided to prove it. You see, he’d been standing in Lovin’ Spoons, something that I had underestimated prior to his talked me into trying it. Even still, the thought of yogurt didn’t make me squeal like a kid promised a trip to the candy store. It’s yogurt. Try getting excited about that.


At least, try it before you’ve grabbed a cup and mixed up your own insane creation of awesomeness at Lovin’ Spoons! You see, you grab a cup and you eye the wall of choices for flavors. It’s like Cold Stone Creamery with flavors (that’s another little slice of heaven you’ll hear more about in this blog, I’m afraid!) like cake batter, dutch chocolate, New York Cheesecake… you wouldn’t believe the list. (Check it out here) Just in case your taste buds aren’t already doing the happy jig, you then walk down the goodie bar of toppings to put ON TOP of your awesome tasting yogurt. The list of toppings is on that link above, just to give you an idea of what to expect. On a health kick? There’s tons of fruit and grains to add to your yogurt! Personally, I try to see how much chocolate I can get in one cup. It’s a weakness… don’t judge! 😉

So, find the location closest to you (there are 4 around the Savannah/Pooler/Richmond Hill area) and stop on in. Don’t forget to find them on facebook and get the secret code of the day (it’s also on their homepage). It’ll save you 10% on your yummy awesomeness!

Don’t forget to tell me how much you loved it! 😉


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