Monday Shout Out –

I found this little gem through and I didn’t think it would be so darned helpful. I’m a calendar lover, so I had a lot of fun setting it up. Of course, being able to do everything this little site/app/awesome resource can do is AMAZING!

First, you go to the site (you can do this through the app, which is available in the App Store AND GooglePlay for Android, the web, or a web browers on your tablet) and set up your account. From there, you can import calendars from a ton of places. If you school system publishes a compatible calendar (you’d be surprised which ones do!), it will download into your Cozi calendar and save you all that date entering! If you have a Google calendar, just link it to your address and BOOM! imported! It even color codes these calendars so you know where the information came from! IF you’re like me and use the calendar connect feature on your Android to keep up with quick-hitting dates and times (I have this sync’d with a google account so it loads the dates onto my google calendar), it will automatically import those dates through your connected account! The thing that makes this even more awesome? You can set up users on your account so you can connect a FAMILY CALENDAR with all the users connected to it! Dad has a hair cut scheduled on Wednesday, he adds it to his google calendar and BAM! Loaded on the Cozi calendar! Mom knows he’s got an appointment on Wednesday and adjusts freak-out times or dinner times accordingly. PTA meeting on Thursday? If it’s on the SCHOOL calendar that’s imported into Cozi, BAM! Loaded in your Cozi calendar and everyone knows about the meeting!

Just in case you’re not big on connecting calendars, this program will also keep MULTIPLE to do lists updated for you, MULTIPLE shopping lists updated for you, and give you “Journal” space where you can add videos and pictures to your account to remember things that have happened!  You read that right, folks, you can add a task to your Honey Do list, then take a picture of Mr. Man working on it and upload it into your journal with a cute “I love my handy man!” story! I haven’t used this feature very much, so I’m not sure about social media sharing, but I really hope that’s where they’re going here. It’s really an awesome program and since it’s FREE (did you not hear that? FREE, I SAID!) it’s totally worth every second you spend playing with it!

Go on and get yours today! 


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