First Day of School!

I am starting this conversation on this blog, rather than my teaching blog because most of everything I had to deal with this morning was because I am the mother of two girls! Today was move up day for Peanut and Tadpole, which brings a lot of new and exciting things that I am glad to see (even if the thought of my Peanut going into Pre-K makes me sniffle!).

Tadpole is moving into a class that focuses on motor development a little more, now that she’s one. They will be attempting to get her to sleep on a cot, rather than in a crib (any prayers you want to send their way would be greatly appreciated, I’m sure!). They are working on getting her to eat table food and are encouraging her to walk more and crawl less (not that the last class didn’t do this, but the set up of the room is less crawl-friendly than the other room was).

Peanut moved up to Pre-K camp today, which is kind of an introduction to Pre-K. With budget cuts at the Hope level, the number of school days for Pre-K has been cut in all Hope funded Pre-K programs in Georgia. This means that, if the Pre-K program your child is entering is lottery funded (aka, Hope funded), there isn’t enough money in the budget to pay the teacher to work a full 190 schedule. This translates to a shorter year, either at the beginning or the end of the school year. For the local public school, they’ll be getting out of school early. For this program, they’ve split the difference and will start a bit late and end a bit early.

Funding aside, Pre-K Camp is getting them accustomed to life in the “big girl school” and the movement involved in going from building to building, as that campus is laid out a little differently than the preschool campus. There are new kids to get to know, new teachers and staff members to get to know. It’s a really great idea to help them get accustomed to the physical space before they’re tossed in and expected to follow rules they’ve never heard before or sit still at circle time. Besides, they had to do something with those kids for the week between the big move-up within the preschool campus and the beginning of Pre-K the following week! 😉

Throw in that this was my first day of school (I’m a public school teacher, just in case you didn’t already know that) at a new school in a grade level I haven’t taught in two years. Even better, there are new standards in Math & ELA. Oh, and I haven’t had a self-contained class in four years, having been blessed to teach in a departmentalized system that long. Not to go all teacher on you, but you can see why this is a big day for all of us, right?

So, let’s walk through my morning, shall we? I should warn you that NOTHING in my life is ever easy or simple, no matter how hard I bust my tail to make it that way. This illustration will help you understand that, I think…

somewhere around 2:30 AM- Peanut crawls into our bed, mumbling something about hearing a noise. I’m half asleep and don’t argue. I spend the next three hours being bumped, kicked, snuggled and used as alternate a headrest and a foot rest.

5:30 AM- Alarm goes off. I grant myself 1 slap of the snooze button (or, touch of the snooze button since I’ve given up on my alarm clock and use my phone, instead). I want to mention here that it is POURING down rain outside at this time.

5:40 AM- Alarm goes off again. I roll over onto my back, which isn’t easy since Peanut is laying sideways and her knees were against my lower back. Perserverance prevails, however and I am successful. I wait on my husband’s alarm to go off at 5:45 before I get up.

5:45 AM- get up, throw a toaster struedel in the toaster, feed the cat, lay out Peaunt’s breakfast and fill her milk up, make Tadpole’s cereal (making sure I mix in enough fruit to cover the taste of the cereal AND the vitamins I have to add to her cereal since her Iron was low when we went to the dr earlier this month). I sit and eat my cereal, indulging in a quick facebook skim as I horse down my toaster strudels. I go ahead and lay out Peanut’s clothes, since she is still snoozing away with her daddy in the “big bed,” and then duck into my closet to get dressed. I have to alter what I had planned on wearing to school today (a dress I bought this weekend expressly for this purpose!) because of the rain and go with a pants/jacket outfit, instead.

6:00 AM- Husband gets up, then asks if I’m ready for Peanut. After getting my “yeah, I guess,” he goes back to get her. She comes in all sleepy eyed, which never fails to make me smile. She rarely ever wakes up grouchy, which is a GREAT thing, in my opinion! I go in to wake up Tadpole, who NEVER wakes up happy, and take her crying little self to the table for her breakfast. Once she gets good and awake, she’s a much happier baby, so seeing her sister and daddy at the table munching breakfast cheers her up after a few bites of cereal. yay!

6:15 AM- My husband ushers Peanut to get dressed while he does the same. I finish feeding Tadpole, clean everything up, and take her into her room to get her changed and dressed, too. It’s become a bit of a wrestling match, so this is rarely as easy as it sounds, but I won’t bore you with the details too much today. Let’s just say, it’s not easy. Peanut gets dressed without a fuss, brushes her teeth and lets Daddy brush her hair.

6:35 AM- I put Tadpole in her swing with a bottle and turn on Chuggington (I know, she’s one and shouldn’t be watching TV, but there are lines that have to be drawn with a one year old who screams like she’s in physical pain when she’s left by herself. The TV distracts her from that enough that, sometimes, she’ll go back to sleep for a few minutes. Sue me!).  She settles in and watches the colors on the TV while she sucks on her milk and I go finish getting ready to go (ie, teeth, contacts, hair, makeup, shoes, jewelry). Husband leaves as soon as he gets Peanut’s hair and teeth brushed, so add smooches for Daddy in here, too. Peanut runs in while I am finishing my make-up howling because Tadpole has “made a stinky” and it smells so bad she can’t be in the same room with the poor baby. I take this with a grain of salt, since most of the time the stinkies aren’t emergency-level issues. <– that’s my first mistake.

6:55 AM- finish getting ready, fly into the kitchen to start the other part of getting ready to go. My goal is to get everyone walking out the door in twenty minutes from this point. Go on, start laughing. Peanut is still howling about stinkies, so I stop what I’m doing (BIG PET PEEVE) and decide to go change the baby’s diaper. The sight that greets my eyes is… gross. Let’s go with gross. Tadpole has had an accident, alright… ALL OVER THE SWING CUSHION! Apparently, she was upset by this, since she put her hand in it and then rubbed her eye and put her hand behind her head. Yes, folks, there is “stinky” rubbed into the kid’s eyebrow, hair and tucked behind her ear! I pick the poor screaming baby up (she doesn’t like stinkies in her diaper, I want to add) and take her to the changing table to start damage control, my carefully drafted schedule starting to flag in despair. I give the baby a mini-bath with a couple of wet wipes as I’m stripping her out of her smelly clothes and drop them in the hamper (I’ll deal with that later!). I get her changed and dressed again and then, knowing she’s going to scream bloody murder, I put her in her crib, where Peanut begins to serenade her and read her a book. Oh, how I wish some of that had worked! I run into the den with Lysol wipes to attack the swing. I finally get the worst of it cleaned up and unsnap the swing cover, but by this time, it’s 7:15 and I know I have NO time for things like, I don’t know… starting a load of laundry for this thing?

7:20 AM- I swing back into the kitchen (remember, the baby is SCREAMING like she’s in pain from her crib and Peanut is trying to read her a book loud enough so she’ll hear it— ie, she’s nearly screaming on top of her!) to make Peanut’s lunch and fill up a couple of bottles with milk so I can take them to school for Tadpole. It has, thankfully, stopped raining around this point.

7:40 AM- I back out of the driveway to take everyone off to their first day of school. Somehow, I remembered everything and I’m very proud of myself. Seriously.

7:50 AM- I am unloading Tadpole’s stuff in her new classroom and pull out the ziplock bag I put her bottles and sippy cup into. The NO LEAK sippy cup has leaked milk ALL OVER THE INSIDE OF THE BAG! I am SOOOO glad I decided at the last minute to drop those in a zip-lock instead of just throwing them in her backpack the way I usually do! I talk while I’m unpacking, since there’s a lot to tell the teacher and information to get from her, too! I get my smooches and usher Peanut out of the little kid class before she falls over herself in her eagerness to be in her new classroom. I run from there and drop Peanut off in her class, making sure I get my smooches, since she’s already start socializing with the people she knows in that class. I then walk back across the playground that connects these two buildings, sign Tadpole in and skirt out to my truck.

8:00 AM- I leave the girls’ schools and start off to my own building! PS- It started raining again when I was walking back out to my truck. LOL

That was only the first two hours and thirty minutes of my day! Is it any wonder I need some toothpicks to hold my eyelids open this evening? LOL


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