Dr’s visits…

First, let me say that I love our Pediatrician. Dr. Dudley Stone at Coastal Pediatrics is just AWESOME and I have no problem telling anyone who’s looking for a pediatrician in Savannah the very same thing. GO VISIT if you don’t believe me. You’ll walk out in love with Coastal Pediatrics, too. Trust me!

Today, we went to the doctor for our 12 month check up. Apparently, Tadpole has been hiding an ear infection from me. Perhaps she’s cloaking the fever in her teething? She’s due for 3 vaccinations, one of which gave her a really bad fever last time. So, between her teething and the vaccination, how am I going to know if her ear infection is getting out of control and causing a fever? Since I’d rather be safe than sorry, I filled the prescription for Amoxicillin. No, you’re not looking at a parent who’s afraid of giving meds to her children. You’re looking at a parent who wants her kids to feel better. Dr. Stone isn’t the type to throw meds at whatever walks in the door (one reason why I love him!), so when he hands me a prescription for something, it usually gets filled.

In other news, he’s ready to start weaning her off of formula (YAY for not having to shell out almost $75 every two weeks!) and onto whole milk! We need to get her iron counts up, since they’re a little low. So, she’ll be starting vitamins as soon as I can get to the store to grab them.

The worst part about vaccination-check ups is that the poor baby spends the afternoon sleeping and feeling miserable. I keep the ibuprofen flowing to help out with muscle soreness and fevers, but she’s still miserable.

As for her stats, she’s tall (62nd %-ile) and skinny (12th %-ile). I guess Daddy has a tall, skinny blonde and a tall, skinny red-head now! Lucky man! 😉


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  1. Dudley Stone
    Aug 16, 2012 @ 22:57:15

    Mrs. Franklin – Thanks for the kind words!!! (how much do I owe you?). It was great to see ya’ll yesterday and I hope her ear infection goes away!
    I love your blog and enjoy being the girls doctor.
    Keep being a great mommy and say Hi to Tadpole and the bigger Frog for me.
    Duldey Stone


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