Tuesday Art Journal: GLUE!

A few months ago, when I started my Art Journal trip, I found a few great websites to play with. I haven’t had much time to play with my journal, lately, but it’s a habit I’m trying to get back to.

For those of you who don’t know: I DRAW STICK PEOPLE! As a teacher, I never accept that students CAN’T draw and I never restrict what they are doing. You’d be as amazed as they are about what comes out when they get past the “I can’t” phase! (And my stick people are awesome!) SO, don’t be afraid to give this a try!

ENTER: Creativity Unleashed

Art Journaling Daily by Traci Bautista

I found an awesome blog while on my journey collecting art journal links and I am going to share it with you because the post from July 12th is what inspired this journal topic. This topic started as a stencil that she used to paint designs on canvas and fabric. I want to see what you can do on paper!

For today’s topic, get a bottle of white glue and draw a design on paper with it! It’ll dry clear, so when it’s dry go over it with crayons or markers! This could be a fun one to play with the kiddos, too!

Have fun and feel free to share a link to your beautiful art in the comments! 🙂 I’ll update this post with mine when it’s dry!


Got something to add? Go for it! Leave a comment here!

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