Monsterizing Party 2: Monster Party Wrap up!

In lieu of my usual Monday Shout Out, I’m going to post a quick wrap up of the Monster Party we threw for my Tadpole’s first birthday this weekend! I already told you about the invitations, so I’ll start with decorations.

I picked the girls up early on Friday to help me decorate the house for our party. This way, we had one less thing to do on Saturday, which was a good thing, it turns out! I grabbed a “monster puppet” kit from Michael’s (it’s a Creatology Halloween kit that I can’t seem to find a link for!) and sat my four year old Peanut down to help me make decorations.

I did buy some “One-derful” decorations at Party City, because I couldn’t find anything with a monster and a big 1 on it. I decided I could mix the two and it work out pretty well. I think it worked well enough! šŸ™‚ My parents actually found a couple of table cloths with birthday monsters all over them on sale for fifty cents at Walmart a few months ago, so keep your eyes open for deals that sneak up on you!

While Peanut was working on the little monsters, I made a big one for the door. I found this idea on Pinterest (who pinned it from this blog entry), so I can’t take the credit for this one. I just bought some half sheets of colored poster board and made the pieces:

Monster Door

And because I can’t resist, here’s a picture of what Tadpole was doing while Peanut and I were making decorations:

After we finished making the decorations, we went all over the house mixing the girly one decorations and the monsters all over the place. Talk about fun! There are still monsters everywhere three days later! Yes, simple tape has held these on the wall since Friday afternoon (it’s Monday afternoon right now…).

My parents arrived Friday a few hours later (THANK GOD!), so the stuff that comes next was made MUCH easier with a few extra hands on duty!

So, on to Saturday!

I decided to make Tadpole’s smash cake, since I didn’t want anything huge for the few people who were coming to the party and it would’ve cost way more money than I’m ok with to get what I wanted for her cake. The cake itself is a simple yellow cake with vanilla frosting. I cut the cakes to make them flat on the bottom, then used the pieces I cut off to mound up over an Oreo on the top. I added a bit of icing and a blue M&M and voila… one-eyed cake monster!


The icing I used for the monster’s hair is icing that has been canned for easy decorating. Seriously, people. It was super easy to use! I bought this stuff in white, blue and pink (only to tie in the girly decorations that I bought) and used all three cans on this cake and the cupcakes I made for the guests! For the cupcakes, I just made regular sized cupcakes andĀ put them all together on a plate to make a big pull apart cake, rather than decorate them all separately. I used the pink and white cans in large spirals, then repeated the Oreo and M&M eyeball.

While I was doing this, I sat my dad down at the dining room table with a bottle of glue, a big bag of wiggly eyes and the cups, plates and forks! I got this idea from Pinterest, too (who pinned it from this blog post), so I’m not claiming the creative rights, here, either! Ā The results were ADORABLE (THANKS, DAD!):

Monster Cups!

Monster Plates

Monster Forks!

The table was adorable will all the monster stuff:

Monster Eats!


So, that’s it! We had a great time, even if the storm that was raging outside knocked the power out for the last half of the party! Luckily, we got the baby-cake pictures in before the darkness set in! That means I can post this to make you “awwww” for the day!

Happy First Birthday, Monster!




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