Monday Shout Out- August 6:

This is a bit of a no brainer, I think. Jason, over at one of my favorite freebie sites: seems to spend his entire day scouring the internet for free stuff. Thanks to him, I’ve scored a ton of free stuff in my mailbox, from Bic permanent markers to product samples from Always, Glade, and a dozen more. Not to mention all of the free magazines currently coming to my house because they were posted on his blog and I said “wow, free, huh?” to myself as I started clicking! Throw in that he keeps you posted when it’s time to order coupon books from P&G and Publix’s Stock up and Save and I can’t see where this blog is the least bit of a waste of time!

Even better, you can sign up for e-mail updates and the blog entries will go right to your inbox!

Even EVEN better, you can find him on facebook and the blog entries will load in your newsfeed (this is how I prefer it!).

Don’t believe me? Give it a week and see if your opinion changes! 😉




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