The Weekly Deal-week of July 23rd

Welcome to a new segment of my blog that I’m calling “The Weekly Deal.” I will post up something that I found INSANELY CHEAP and tell you how to get it, too! I get these deals from a variety of places or sometimes I just do a good job searching for them (it happens, sometimes!). In this case, Freebieshark posted this one a few days ago. I tested it and it worked! Check it out!

Here’s the blog post from FreebieShark that made me move. 

You can get a Mossimo T-shirt at Target for $3 OR a cami for $2!

You see, Target has their Mossimo scoop neck T-shirts and their thin strap Cami’s on sale this week. The T-shirts are on sale for $6, and the camis are on sale for $5. That’s STEP 1!

Step 2: GO to Target’s Coupon Page, click on the apparel link on the left side of the page and find the Mossimo coupon for $3 off. PRINT THAT BAD BOY!!!

Step 3: Go to Target, pick out a cami or T-shirt you like and check out!


SCORE! You just got a T-shirt for $3, or a cami for $2!


This offer is good through Saturday, but hurry before they run out of stock!!!


PS- This will also work if you find a Mossimo product you like ON CLEARANCE! The Cami I picked up was on sale for $5.60 and it worked! The coupon says “ANY MOSSIMO APPAREL ITEM” so you can use it for ANYTHING that Mossimo makes! Just check the tags!


PSS- There are also coupons for Xhileration ($3), Merona($3) and ladies denim bottoms ($5)!!


Got something to add? Go for it! Leave a comment here!

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