The Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa

It’s not often I get to review a hotel here in the lovely city of Savannah, so being able to brag about how wonderful a visit it is to come to Savannah is something I haven’t been able to do for a few years. I’ve officially been living here for ten years (can you believe it’s been that long?) and while I’m not sure the “transplant” has worn off, yet, the “OMG, I LIVE HERE!” certainly has. At least, until this little trip to the Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort and Spa

Let me start off by telling you what our “plan” was here. You see, we live in Savannah, so most people would look at me funny when I say we got a hotel and stayed downtown for a few days. However, let me put a time stamp on this for you. We got a hotel for the Fourth of July in Savannah. Why? Because we have two small children and I wanted to see the fireworks. It was also the day after our eight year wedding anniversary, and I figured out that staying downtown for the Fourth to see the fireworks was cheaper than the trip I had originally planned (a week in Atlanta visiting all the stuff we never get to see on our trips up there!). The plan was simple. My husband and I had a nice dinner out (Elizabeth’s on 37th, which will get its own review, since it SOOO deserves it!), then came home, packed up the girls and headed for the hotel. We weren’t in any really  big hurry, since we were going to get there pretty late in the evening and going to bed would be all that was left to do once we got checked in. Then, we’d head home to feed the cat, drop off dirty bottles, pick up fresh ones, pick up anything we’d forgotten (one of the perks of staying about 10 miles away from my house!), and grab my husband’s work clothes and truck so he could go to work on Thursday straight from the hotel to avoid being late.

That’s pretty much how the trip went, too. I love it when a plan comes together! 😉

We arrived at the hotel around 9:30 on Tuesday night and decided to let the valet park our car. This isn’t something we usually do if there’s another option, but given the time and the kids, we just decided we’d let them handle the car. The valet not only helped me unload my truck while my husband checked in, he also walked us up to our room, showed us how to use the keys (it’s not the typical swiped card system. In fact,  you need your key to get the elevator above the 2nd floor… which was GREAT considering the number of people wandering around the hotel!), and helped us unload the cart when we got up there. He then REFUSED TO TAKE A TIP! I’m not even joking.

The next morning, we got up and out pretty early. I have left my car with a few valets in the last few years (mostly because some hotels don’t give you much of a choice about it), but not one has ever had the car waiting in the front of the building when we stepped off the elevator. THIS ONE DID! I called just before walking out the door and by the time I got off the elevator, my car was parked right outside the lobby doors. Anyone with small children (especially a four year old!) knows how wonderful an action that is! I didn’t have to chase my Peanut around the lobby waiting on them to pull the car around! In the shuffling of people and cars when we got back home, my husband misplaced the valet check card with the reference number to our truck. When we returned to the hotel, the valet just smiled at me and said, “Would you like me to write the number down for you on another card so you can remember it? It’s really not a big deal!” Which, in frazzled J-personality-land, was MUSIC TO MY EARS!

Now, the next problem, once we got everyone back upstairs to drop off the second round of goodies from home, was keeping two kids entertained until the fireworks started, somewhere around 9:15 PM. We returned to the hotel around 10 AM, so this was no small feat. Sure, there’s a pool, but how long does that take to get old with a ten month old baby? (The answer is around 45 minutes, just in case anyone doesn’t already know the answer). The hotel saved us, though! There were activities scheduled ALL DAY LONG most of which were family or child oriented! There was a crafting session at 10 by the pool, then they opened an inflated bouncey house and water slide just after lunch! Follow it up with s’mores (where the kids got to roast their marshmellows over an OPEN FIRE PIT near the pool) and it was just a great time! We took the opportunity to take Peanut to the Pirate’s House, since we were so close and eat lunch at Spanky’s on River Street. We took the ferry across both times (yay, FREE!) and it was right on time both ways!

We started to get a little worried when we saw signs that the hotel was allowing people to come onto the hotel property to watch the fireworks for $25 a family. This was a little bothersome, since half the reason we got the hotel room was to avoid the insane crowds over on River Street and get a good spot for the fireworks. After asking a few people, though, we learned that there were large areas of the hotel property that had been separated for use by hotel guests only (we had blue armbands that we wore all day so they could easily catch those who strayed into the guest-only areas). The result, we had a front row seat for the awesome fireworks display. We were close enough that the fireworks were nearly right over our head! We weren’t crowded, weren’t rushed or hustled! It was awesome! Afterwards, we got on the elevator (obviously, so did a lot of other people, but the elevators were moving pretty quickly and got the lines down quickly, too!) and settled into our room for the night with two exhausted kids (and two exhausted parents!).

This morning, we all got up with my husband who had to get to work. We checked out around 7 this morning and I don’t think it could’ve been any smoother. I called down for the valet to bring my truck around and the receptionist asked me if I needed help with my luggage. She sent up a bellhop, who loaded up the cart and took it down to the truck while we were getting the kids up and moving and making sure we didn’t miss anything. By the time we stepped off the elevator, not only was the cart down at the car, but the valet had already loaded the car up for us! It made checking out quick and easy!

Now, here’s the important things I want to point out for those of you who are planning on traveling with small children. NOT ONCE did the hotel staff EVER make us feel like we were being a nuisance bringing these two kids along. Peanut is four (you know four… cranky without a nap, but refuses to take one; doesn’t eat anything; loud when she talks; has to talk to EVERYONE she walks past) and Tadpole is just shy of 11 months (you remember that one, too… cranky because she’s sleepy, but fights sleep like a prize boxer at a title fight; gets into everything and then puts it in her mouth; crawls because she can’t walk, yet). The hotel staff, heck, the other guests, even, made us feel like they were not only welcome, but expected. The crib and rollaway I’d asked for were already in the room when we got up there (no waiting around on them to deliver them after we checked in!). Everyone made it a point to stop and listen to Peanut as if she were paying the bill! And boy does she ramble!

All-in-all, this was a GREAT trip!! We will be doing this again next year! See you next July, Westin! 🙂


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