Grocery Store Review: Kroger

I usually don’t do this, because everyone has a right to their coupon policies and whatever. HOWEVER, a few weeks ago I handed my coupons to the cashier (I’m not even close to an extreme couponer, so don’t think this was a crazy stack of coupons) and she handed three of them back to me, saying that the register had already taken off digital coupons for those items and couldn’t take paper coupons on top of that. I wasn’t happy about that practice, as my paper coupons were MUCH higher than the digital ones, but I sucked it up and left. I have spent the last three weeks hitting different stores, trying to find a cheaper alternative that wouldn’t try to rip me off with their in-house coupons. I’ll be happy to share those experiences in another blog post. I learned a lot over the last few weeks.

Today’s sales papers were less than stellar for me, so I decided to give Kroger another shot. They had a few things on sale that were hard to pass up and the cheapest price on milk in Savannah ($3.18 vs. 3.99 at Walmart). I filled my cart up with things and we proceeded to the front with my colllection of coupons. Let me pause here and point out that two of the most expensive things I was after today were diapers and formula for my 2 month old daughter. The price of the formula at Kroger was $3 higher than Target, which is right across the street! As for diapers, they didn’t even have what I was after in stock! You’d think I was after some specialty item, instead of size 1 Pampers Swaddlers! There wasn’t even a space for it on the shelf in any packaging with more than 40 diapers in it!

Now, just in case I wasn’t already frustrated, I handed the cashier my coupons and, again, she handed three of them back, stating that there were digital coupons already taken off and they couldn’t be used. Now, I was particularly irritated. I checked the receipt and… THERE WERE NO DIGITAL COUPONS FOR THE PAPER COUPONS I WAS HANDED BACK! That’s right, they simply refused to accept the coupons and gave me that lame excuse as their reason.

So, as of this moment, I will not be giving Kroger any more of my money. If their best attempts at earning my business end with not accepting perfectly legal coupons when I’m NOT someone who clears shelves and has ten transactions, then they’re apparently not really interested in my money. I’m sorry, Kroger, but the ever-changing way you handle discounted gas isn’t enough of a reason for me to continue flushing my hard earned money down the drain. I’d advise anyone reading this to do the same. Target was cheaper on everything I bought there and, although they aren’t a “grocery store,” they will be receiving most of my grocery money from here on out. It’s a sad day for Kroger when shopping at Publix saves me more money… and THEY don’t fight me about coupons!


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