Review: Dreft Stain Remover

In today’s money-conscious society, we are growing increasingly aware of the things we don’t really need and can save money by doing without. People are dropping their home phone service in favor of their cell service.

When I started washing the small mountain of baby clothes for my newborn, I decided NOT to wash all of her clothes in a special, more gentle detergent. If it proved a problem, I could always go back and wash them again in something her tender skin could handle. As it turned out, Tadpole’s skin is handling the regular Tide detergent just fine! Good decision that has not only saved me from buying separate detergent for her clothes, but also from washing her clothes separate from my four year old’s clothes. This saves us water, too!

What I WOULD NOT skimp on, however, was the Dreft Stain Remover. I’ve tried a lot of other things since having my oldest child, but nothing gets stains out better than this stuff!

If you’ll allow me to go into mommy-talking-about-bowel-movements mode for a moment, I will share that yesterday Tadpole had a really nasty one. Just what you wanted to know, I’m sure. It was bad enough that it leaked out of her diaper, stained half of the onsie she was wearing and even soaked through my T-shirt AND jeans. I’m not exaggerating, here, folks. It was a bad one.

I took care of the diaper and the mini-bath that came afterwards, then put Tadpole down for a nap. It was then I grabbed my bottle of Dreft Stain Remover and set about scrubbing the clothes. Now, I hate cleaning. No, really, I HATE CLEANING!!! So when I tell you I scrubbed, it roughly translates to rubbing the cloth against itself for a few minutes. I wouldn’t admit that, except to follow it up by saying that, with that minimal amount of effort, all of the stains disappeared. You heard me, DISAPPEARED! My t-shirt was white (you know, the brand new T-shirt white of a shirt you’ve only worn twice) and there’s not even a slight tint difference in the fabric that was stained only moments before!

For this, my friends, every baby shower I attend has a bottle of Dreft Stain Remover in the gift. Yours probably should, too. Trust me, you’ll thank me for it very soon!


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