Alright, I did it…

I know, my last rant about coupons, I swore I was not going to turn into a stockpiling idiot.

Then I watched a few episodes of Extreme Couponing last night and my husband and I started thinking the same thing. “Where can we carve out some space for a stockpile?” It’s kind of funny, but when we bought this house, we were extremely impressed with the amount of storage space available. There’s tons of cabinets in the kitchen, shelves in the laundry room, a pantry in the laundry room, a barn and a storage house in the backyard… TONS of space! Then, as always, we lived here for a few years and now, there’s no room to put stuff! Every cabinet is stuffed, each out building is filled to the point you can’t get in them… *sighs*

I bring this up to explain what I did today. After watching those ladies last night, I decided there are things we can stockpile and that the stuff taking up the cabinets is just going to have to go.

Now you’re going to ask, “What did you do today, Tiff?”

And my answer is: Went a little coupon crazy. No, I wasn’t as impressive as the ladies on TV, but I’m pretty darned impressed with myself today. I didn’t get as good a deal as I thought (mainly because I was getting prices mixed up in my head), but I still shaved 38% off a collection of baby items that I am stockpiling, some batteries, toilet paper and Dayquil. Here, let me show you…

Kroger is having a sale on Pampers boxed diapers. They’re regularly $19.99 and they’re on sale for $19.49. Hey, fifty cents is fifty cents! I had a couple of coupons that I’ve dug out of diaper boxes and the little coupon books that Pampers was putting in their boxes a few years ago. That $19.49 box of diapers quickly became a $12.14 box of diapers. Not half bad, right? It gets better.

I had two coupons for Pampers Wipes. One for $1 and another for $.50. Kroger doubles coupons up to $.50, so that’s $2 in coupons.The 60 count Pampers wipes was $2.49, so I only spent $.49!

I use the Playtex Drop-Ins bottles to help with keeping air out of baby bellies. If you’ve bought these… CHECK THE PAPERWORK IN THE BOX!!! There are a pair of coupons for the liners inside! I used three of mine to attack Kroger’s BOGO sale on them. They are regular priced $4.29 for a box of 50. This dropped the price to $2.14 before I even touched the coupons. Something I learned last night was that when you have a BOGO, you can usually use a coupon ON EACH ITEM! So, each box of liners cost me only $1.14!

I decided to drag out the coupons I hadn’t used that were going to expire tomorrow and here’s the rest of my haul:

Dayquil Mucus Control <— love this stuff, btw), closeout priced at $5.04 each. I had three $1 coupons, so picked up three bottles at $4.04 each. See? stockpiling! I even had an eCoupon for Nyquil, so another dollar got taken off that on one of them!

Duracell Batteries, regular priced $4.99. I had a $1 coupon, so now the extra batteries for Peanut's TAG Reader were only $3.99.

Charmin Toilet Paper, regular priced $4.99. I had a $1 coupon and it was on ANY SIZE toilet paper. What I learned watching TV last night (and your teachers and parents always said you couldn't do that! HA!) was that when you have coupons like that, get the smallest size you can. The price is lower, so you can get the item you're after MUCH cheaper. Instead of putting that $1 toward a $13 package of toilet paper, I picked up the $4.99 package, instead. Paying only $3.99 for the beginning of the stockpile of TP!

All tolled, between Kroger's in store savings, my eCoupons, and my manufacturer's coupons, I saved $24.30 on a $60 bill. Do the math, people… that's 38%!!!! And I didn't buy a thing I wouldn't normally have bought and I didn't get store brands. πŸ˜€


Who wants to come over for coupon clipping parties on Mondays?? πŸ˜‰


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