Holy Coupons, Batman!

Ok, I admit it, I’m becoming addicted to coupons and saving as much money as possible on stuff. Last week, it was $14.95 in groceries, this week $21.02. I didn’t try that hard last week and, to be honest, I had only given the effort about 20% this week.

Before I go too crazy, let me be clear…

1- stockpiling is the same as hording to me. The way my life goes, most of the stuff I would stockpile would go bad before I used it, thus wasting more money than I’d save. I also don’t have the space for that stuff… I barely have room for US!

2- running around from store to store is a waste of gas. Sure, Savannah’s a relatively close city, with everything you need within 15 miles or so. However: a- I don’t have all day to shop. b-I have a Sequoia, which isn’t exactly the most fuel efficient thing on the road. and c- I have a four year old and an infant and I refuse to be one of those mom’s that makes everyone around them miserable (including their kids!) by dragging them around until they’re a frazzled mess. The way I see it, if the people behind you in line know your kids’ names and you didn’t introduce them… you’re having a little too much trouble handling them. It’s probably because they’re tired (or wound up, which most moms know are about the same level of difficulty in behavior management!). Dragging them around to ten stores hunting a $.20 deal is stupid and I’m not doing it.

3- I bought a paper for the first time this weekend and I’ve asked my MiL to save me her coupon inserts, since she doesn’t use them and she pays for a daily paper. I WILL NOT stand at the service desk and load a paper up with the coupons from the other papers NOR WILL I dig through the stack of papers in the store to make sure that I have all of the inserts I could possibly have this week. Aside from the fact that my husband would never let me stand there that long, it makes you look REALLY stupid and desperate. Sure, I want to save money. Yes, I would be irritated if I didn’t get coupons in a paper I bought specifically for the coupons, but if people like that would stop messing with the other papers in the stack, we wouldn’t have this problem to begin with!

4- I signed up for a lot of e-mailed coupons and deals, I even created a gmail account for all of them so I don’t get a thousand of them spamming up my regular inboxes. If you’re a coupon junkie (or just a social addict like me), I recommend you do the same. You can always ignore that inbox and delete it later without having to go to 100 different places and unsubscribe.

5- I don’t believe buying things you don’t normally buy simply because you have a coupon is a good way to “save money.” I don’t believe that spending money you wouldn’t have normally spent is a good idea, either. My goal is to use coupons to try new things, but not get suckered into buying things that will just get wasted. That is hardly “saving” money, after all.

I’ll be honest here, I’m trying VERY HARD not to go so crazy with this that I burn myself out. As my husband said this weekend, “I’m liking this saving money! So, don’t turn this into something you do for a little bit and then stop because you’re bored.” Alas, burnout is going to be a constant threat, especially when I go back to work and my time to play with this stuff is even more limited. Ah, well.

In the meantime, I’ll create a page here where I can post all the constant goodness for coupon-land that I come across. I’m sure there will be a hundred posts going up and I welcome you to share whatever you want! I’m always on the lookout for something good! 😀 If you drop me a post and tell me if you’re looking for something that’s not already here, I’ll try to send it your way when I find it, too. Why? Because I would really hope you’ll do the same for me!

See you in the checkout isle! 🙂


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