A Lesson in Failed Experiments…

So, for those of you who don’t know, my daughter has been EXTREMELY sick the last few days. She started running a fever on Friday night and it’s just been a rocky road of chasing her fever and trying to help her cough since then. Today? ugh. Today was a lesson in failed experiments.

1- Peanut climbs in our bed around 12:30 last night, whining and miserable. So far, fever is still low enough to manage without meds, but it’s there. She then spends the rest of the morning coughing her head off (in our ears, no less). I also learned something interesting about my kid… she clicks her teeth while she sleeps. I only just mean a normal clicking her teeth together, there’s a little grind in there that gives you the willies. When you hear it a breath away from sleep, it wakes you up pretty quickly. Around 4 this morning, her temperature shoots back up over 102 and we start the meds again. This is my third day of not being at work. Lovely.

2- Dr says she’s “treating [Peanut] for a sinus infection” even though she’s not completely sure it wasn’t the flu and she’s just on the down side of it. The flu test was negative, but they said it can do that if the test isn’t done at the beginning of the symptoms. Blood work showed normal white cell counts and was healthy as a horse. So, she gave her Augmentin to fight off the rest of it and hopefully it’ll get better tomorrow.

3- Tried to get her to eat lunch, because she hasn’t been eating very much the last few days. I even took her out on the way home from the dr. We went to Chilli’s because it was open and relatively quick. Oh, and the parking lot was pretty empty, too. She laid her head in my lap the whole time and even turned down chocolate cake.Yes, you read that right! She said she “wants to go home and take a nap.” Now, you see why I’m scared to death, right? *sighs*

4- Peanut only sleeps for an hour and a half, though she didn’t put up much of a fight about going to sleep. I guess you pretty much got that from #3, though, right?

5- We go pick up Daddy’s prescriptions so I can turn them in with Peanut’s prescription. I noticed during the dr’s visit that she has sores all over her tongue. I remember EXACTLY how much fun that was during my first serious sinus infection (way back in 7th grade!), but I’m pretty sure the mixture I had to swish around in my mouth isn’t going to be an option for a 3 year old. I asked the pharmacist and he confirmed that. It’s not like she’s going to “swish” as effectively as a 7th grader. Maalox and Benedryll. *shudders*

6- We stop by WalGreens on our way home to get some Pedialyte and junk to hopefully entice her into eating something. What’s disturbing about this? We were in there maybe 10 minutes. While I’m checking out, she’s sitting on the floor behind me. Patiently talking to the lady behind us. The poor thing didn’t have the energy to stand up! When asked, she “just wanted to sit down, mama!” I think aliens have kidnapped my monster…

7- I FINALLY get her to eat some chicken nuggets (after getting her tummy thinking about food with some chocolate pudding— you do what you have to do, people! I’m just lucky it worked!). The good part here is that she was able to get her first dose of antibiotics because they have to be taken with food. The bad part is that this is the last thing she ate today and that was at 3:30 this afternoon.

8- She’s grouchy and whiney, as only a kid who is sick can be. Ok, sick or morbidly spoiled (I call them that because they make me want to kill them. Painfully.) One minute I want to tear her touschie up, the next I want to snuggle her close and make it all go away. Everything hurts. Everything is bothering her. Mama’s being mean, trying to force her to eat something that’s not donuts. That’s what I am, ladies and gentlemen. I’m evil. Watch your back, or I’ll come after you with meds to make you feel better, too! You’ve been warned!

All in all, it’s been a frustrating day. I keep hoping tomorrow will get better, but I request a sub for my class every afternoon, just in case it doesn’t. So far, the subs have been a blessing…when there’s been one.

Ah, well. To quote songs, because I enjoy quotes of all kinds… “Mama said there’d be days like this…” (yes, I just quoted a song older than I am! The Shirelle’s, 1961.)


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