Baby Tadpole- 7 Weeks

Baby Tadpole- 7 Weeks, originally uploaded by tiffsbakery.

And since the cat is out of the bag, then I can share this with people!! 😀

I have officially decided to name the baby Tadpole. It popped in my head the other day at school and the kids laughed, so that’s good enough for me! Plus, I’m hoping it’s a boy, so… yeah.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a bit. Last weekend was a busy one, being out of town for funerals and memorial services. We did make it out of Atlanta at just the right time, however. The snow and ice was behind us, thank Heaven! It sure didn’t make getting up and going to school on Monday morning any easier, however. The temps stayed in the 30’s and it rained all day. I’d much rather have been at home. 😦 We did get to start school late on Tuesday, but the problem with that is… I liked it. *laughs* Peanut and I stayed in bed ’til 8:30 and took our time getting dressed and out to school. If that’s how every morning went, I’m pretty sure there would be happier teachers on this planet. *sighs wistfully* We were all more cheerful and ready to go. The kids probably thought we were nuts, because Lord knows their behavior was terrible. *shrugs*

Tuesday was a big day, too, because we had our first OB appointment, complete with ultrasound. I was exactly 7 weeks, and the ultrasound tech said the baby was measuring just a little shy of that. Peanut did, too, though, so we’re not worried. So, stats on tadpole as of Tuesday are:

Length: 7.7 inches
approximate age: 6 weeks, 5 days
Heart rate: 126 bpm
Estimated due date: August 30th

Since I’ll be 33 when Tadpole is born, there is a level of “mandatory” testing for genetic disorders. Since I’m only 33 and perfectly healthy, that list is a lot less “mandatory” than it would be in 5 or so more years. They can do an ultrasound around 13 weeks, scan the back of the baby’s neck, and be able to catch 78% of DS and MD disorders. With blood tests on top of the ultrasound, they can up that to 95%. I’ll take those odds, I think. They will only do amnio if there’s a really good reason to or if these screens show signs of the disorders. I’m all for the less invasive ones… thank you!

So, here’s a pic of Tadpole, who spent the entire time trying to hide down in the corner of his little bubble.

Oh yeah, and a side note, for those keeping score… there’s an old wives tale that says if the baby’s heart rate stays under 140 bpm, it’s a boy. Over that and it’s a girl. Peanut’s stayed between 142 and 148 the entire time I was carrying her. So… looks like Tadpole is a boy according to this! 🙂 Time will tell!


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