Happy New Year!

So much going on this year, already! I hosted New Year’s Eve Fondue for the inlaws last night and I’m pretty darned pleased to say it went pretty smoothly! Everyone loved the stuff we laid out to cook and the “oil” tasted perfect! (I found a recipe for the Melting Pot’s coq au von cooking style online… YUM!)

The problem with it is that I was on my feet from about 10 AM until about 11 PM last night, with very little down time. It started hitting me about 7:30 or so last night. Naturally right at the dinner table where my mother in law could see. Naturally, she asked if I was “PG.” I just shrugged my shoulders and moved the conversation elsewhere. So, successfully avoided blabbing! Go me!

Now, I am planning on spending the entire weekend with my parents next weekend. *sighs* I can pull it off for a few hours, but days? Ah, Light preserve me! I make no promises about keeping my mouth shut that long.

Either way, we’re starting 2011 off with a shelf building weekend in the garage, followed by a memorial service and delayed Christmas next weekend with my parents. My mother called yesterday to tell me that my great-uncle Doc passed away, too. This is seriously NOT a great way to start a new year. Two funerals inside of a week. Bad ju-ju.

On the upside, I love my preggie pops, as they’ve kept me from throwing up today. I’m relatively certain that’s all that’s kept me from it. *sighs*

And if this post feels disorganized and disjointed, it’s because it is. One of the perks of being pregnant is that your ability to keep track of your thoughts is nigh on impossible. Another is that you become a serious clutz, just in case you weren’t one already (which I am). That roughly translates to mean you’re a forgetful clutz for 9 months. Last time I broke Mitch’s (my cat) food bowl because it slipped out of my hand and burned my arm on a toaster oven. *laughs* I shudder to think what I’ll do to myself this time! I should probably pad myself in Charmin like that commercial from the 80’s, just to make sure I don’t do any serious damage. Wish me luck??

Either way, I hope you’re having a good New Year so far. May it be 10,000 times better than 2010! Quite frankly, 2010 sucked pretty badly, so it doesn’t have much work to do to get better. Again, with two funerals starting it off… it’s just not getting off on the right foot! The baby is a step in the right direction, though. šŸ˜‰


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