So, I guess I will start this blog by telling you about this week so far. Sunday, I took the test that told me what I was afraid to hope for. I found out that the reason I was 3 days late is because my period wasn’t coming for a while. There’s a little person in there.

Now, I will take a step back and say that my husband and I had just had that “one is probably enough for us” conversation on Thursday. That’s right, one week ago. I have wanted another baby for two years, you see. I got pregnant this summer and lost the baby at 6 weeks. I’m not completely over it, but so far no one I’ve talked to that’s been through it ever gets there. I was supposed to start my period that day and I kept telling myself that this was going to be just like last month, when I started three days late. With the stress of school and Christmas, I just couldn’t believe that I was getting what I wanted. So, I forced myself to hold off until Sunday.

My reward? The test read “Pregnant.”

Because of a few circumstances outside of my control, I am not telling anyone but my husband about this for a bit. Between my uncle dying a few weeks ago and the miscarriage that hurt so badly when I had to keep telling people about it over and over again… we’re going to let this marinate for a little bit. Maybe after the first ultrasound, we’ll start sharing it.

According to the calculators, I’ll be due on September 1st of next year, just 18 days before Peanut’s birthday (my daughter). If I’m correct about the way voluntary c-sections work, then I’m probably going to have the baby a week or so before that. Which means I won’t be starting school at all next year, if they don’t start until Labor day. Means I also won’t make it to D*Con.

Ah, well. I guess we’ll see how things are going before we start making plans. I called the dr on Monday and scheduled my first appointment for January 11th. It’s right in the 6-7 week window, so we’re getting an ultrasound at that appointment.

Now, I just have to keep my mouth shut until then. That sounded so easy a few days ago. *laughs* Now I just want to tell the world! *sighs* I guess I’ll have to settle for blabbing away on this blog, instead. At least for a few weeks…


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